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St. John Lunch Program

Lunch Program:

  • As part of the Federal Lunch Program St. John’s is required to follow guidelines for menu and meal preparation that accompany participation in this program. As part of the Federal Lunch program students may be eligible to receive a reduced or free lunch. Families are encouraged to review the federal income guidelines to determine eligibility. To apply, a form can be picked up in the school office and can be filled out at anytime.
  • Lunches must be prepaid or paid for in cash daily. Charging of lunches Will

Not be allowed.  If a child has forgotten their lunch or money they will be able to charge lunch that day. A note will be sent home, and payment is expected the next day.

  • Milk and snacks cannot be prepaid.

Lunch Prices:

  • Student Lunches: $2.50
  • Adult Lunches : $3.50
  • Milk : $.50   (milk is included in the cost of lunch)


  • Snacks are available to students in grades 3-8 when the have finished their lunch.

If anyone has any questions, my email is, by phone 693-9677, or stop in the kitchen at the beginning of the school day.