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Lent 2017

Lent worship
Wednesdays at
7:00 pm

Many of those involved in the final days before Jesus’ death came to a crossroad in life and had to decide which way to go. Some chose well, some did not, but their stories help us face our crossroads with Jesus. He chose the road to the cross that changed everything!
Ash Wednesday – March 1 • Confession • Psalm 32:1-5
King David reaches the crossroad of admitting his sin or hiding it.
March 8 • Betrayal • John 13:21-30
Judas’ crossroad of temptation costs him more than he ever imagined.
March 15 • Judgment • Matthew 27:11-26
Pontius Pilate comes to the crossroads of having to decide Jesus’ fate.
March 22 • Compassion • Luke 22:47-51
A soldier’s crossroad comes unexpectantly in the compassion of Jesus.
March 29 • Declaration • Luke 22:54-62
Peter’s crossroad comes at a point of weakness and fear.
April 5 • Obedience • Matthew 26:36-46
Witness Jesus’ crossroad in the garden and His obedience for us.